The Purpose of Set Up

To establish e-government digital certification system, to promote e-government PKI building, and to facilitate the development of government online information and services application, Ministry of Digital Affairs(MODA) has instituted Government Electronic Certification Steering Committee.

The (concurrent post) Convener of this Committee is designated by the Chair of MODA among the Vice Chairs, while the post of Executive Secretary is taken on by the head of Department of Information Management of MODA. 15 to 17 Committee members are composed of experts and representatives from industry, academia, and public offices. All terms are one year in length, renewable.

The Responsibility for the Steering Committee

  • To survey and review the Certificate Policies and Certification Practice Statements of Civil Service CAs'.
  • To survey and review technical standards of digital certificates.
  • To survey and review framework of digital certificates.
  • To survey and review related administrative issues of digital certificates.